Jobs for Astronomers

Welcome to the JfA blog!

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Hello everybody! 

We are launching the JfA blog today, in the hope that it will become a platform for further sharing of information and communication within our small (but constantly growing) community. I hope that we will have many guest posts and reports in the future from JfA members. If you'd like to contribute a longer version of your job search story, please contact me at in order to arrange for a post.

We have already read some success stories in the facebook group, but many are also interested in those stories that share the difficulties of searching for a job after working in academia. I have been contacted by some former astronomers who have been searching unsuccessfully for a job for quite a while, and I urge those people to also share their experience through the JfA facebook page and through this blog. 

Jobs for Astronomers has still a long way to go. There have been some initial successes, but I am looking forward to more ...

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