Jobs for Astronomers

Where do we go from here?

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I hope you will indulge me as, for yet another time, I speak about myself towards the end of this post. Rest assured, I’m not doing this to gather popularity or sympathy, but rather because I suspect that there are many astronomers out there - male and female - who face issues similar to mine but are not able to vocalise them. I’d like to be candid about my experience in academia and without, and maybe if some of you can relate a little to my experience, you’ll get some ideas on how to proceed with your academic and non-academic professional pursuits.

So - the pure truth of the fact is that, at least in Europe, not much has been done in the matter of the proper education and preparation of students and young academics for life outside academia. The point of Jobs for Astronomy, when it was created almost two and a half years ago, was to break the taboo status of "leaving academia” and to actually inform people about possible career paths and how to pursue...

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