Careers For Astronomers

A list of careers for astronomers outside of science

Analyst / Data Scientist

  • Various applications, such as business analyst, medical data analyst, financial analyst and more, depending on the field
  • Data science: diverse applications, most notably in web networks


  • At aerospace, software and other technical-oriented firms


  • Possibility of working in research and development for public or private sector


  • At management consulting firms
  • In the public sector, for example management of research funds

Medical physics

  • Work in clinics and hospitals as a medical physicist, in the areas of diagnosis and treatment
  • Possibility of work in medical research

Patent agency / law

  • Patent examiner (at a national or international patent office)
  • Patent attorney (for a legal firm or a private enterprise)
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Science communication

  • Outreach in institutions such as museums and science centers
  • Science journalism
  • Press officer at scientific institutions

Science policy

  • Posts at various government organizations, most notably ministries

Scientific translation

  • Translation of scientific or technical texts, according to your area of expertise
  • Possibility to work independently (free-lance or starting your own firm)
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Software development

  • Diverse job opportunities, depending on programming experience
  • Possibility to work as a free-lancer
  • Scientific programming at research facilities

Space / Aeronautics

  • Private sector: aeronautics companies
  • Private sector: spaceflight comanies
  • Government: aeronautics and space agencies


  • Teaching at schools
  • Teaching at non-research colleges

Technical / Engineering

  • IT services
  • Engineering services (at government or private sector)
  • Research and development