What people that now work in Software development have to say about their experiences.

JobsForAstronomers: What is your current job?
Chris: Programmer, mostly ios applications.

JobsForAstronomers: What is your level of satisfaction with your current job?
Chris: High.

JobsForAstronomers: What qualifications were necessary for obtaining this position?
Chris: I think companies are not willing to take a chance on older (over 35?) people who do not have the background they expect. I applied for several programming jobs and never heard back despite years of experience programming as an astronomer. A friend of mine suggested to his employer that I could help out when they had a glut of work while I was on my "summer break" from the University. They were so impressed they offered me a full-time job at the end of the summer.

JobsForAstronomers: What additional training did you complete in order to be able to perform your duties?
Chris: I had no additional training, but I spent long hours in the early summer getting up to speed on ios programming.

JobsForAstronomers: What was your last academic position before switching fields of work (i.e. PhD student, first/second post-doc etc)?
Chris: I had a tenured position in the California State University system. Unfortunately even with the job security it's hard to make ends meet in academia these days. Especially in the CSU system.