What people that now work in Space / Aeronautics have to say about their experiences.

JobsForAstronomers: What is your current job?
rma: Air Traffic Controller

JobsForAstronomers: What is your level of satisfaction with your current job?
rma: High

JobsForAstronomers: What qualifications were necessary for obtaining this position?
rma: QUALIFICATION: college degree SKILLS: Multi-tasking, attention to detail, high performance under stress situations, analytical skills, high level of English.

JobsForAstronomers: What additional training did you complete in order to be able to perform your duties?
rma: Air Traffic Control initial course which included both theoretical and practical training. After that I received On the Job Training at the unit I am currently working

JobsForAstronomers: What was your last academic position before switching fields of work (i.e. PhD student, first/second post-doc etc)?
rma: First post-doc. i was 29 years old.