What people that now work in Technical / Engineering have to say about their experiences.

JobsForAstronomers: What is your current job?
Lucia: Technical support for the users (scientists) of a big computational centre for scientific purposes.

JobsForAstronomers: What is your level of satisfaction with your current job?
Lucia: It depends: I like my daily activities a lot better than research, and I feel that I am learning a lot of stuff and being useful to people. BUT this job is paid as a 2-year post-doc, without any contract, just a stipend, and I am definitely not satisfied with this.

JobsForAstronomers: What qualifications were necessary for obtaining this position?
Lucia: Science PhD, knowledge of a bit of IT-stuff

JobsForAstronomers: What additional training did you complete in order to be able to perform your duties?
Lucia: None

JobsForAstronomers: What was your last academic position before switching fields of work (i.e. PhD student, first/second post-doc etc)?
Lucia: PhD student/28 years old